Why Do You Need a Paraclete?

When you have a Paraclete, you have someone who:

– Gives you sound business advice
– Helps you with strategies for correction or growth
– Assists you in making your business more systemized
– You are comfortable around personally
– Has a vast network with potential clients to refer you
– Refers warm clients when appropriate
– Prays for you
– Gives you honest and appropriate feedback
– Listens to your business needs and critically thinks with you


  • Jamie is a forward thinker with innovative ideas and a creative spirit. He is always personable and enjoyable to meet with and willing to help in any way he can. Jamie's service has allowed our company to grow and provide additional offerings to our clients which we weren't capable of doing in the past. He has a can-do attitude and always greets you with a big smile, which goes a long way.

    -Annabelen Hemelgarn, ABA Energy Partners
  • Jamie Brandenburg is a very passionate and loving man that cares about people and wants to share that passion with you.   Jamie can show you how to transform your personal and business life, by using some easy to use tools, tips and secrets of the business world.

    -Scott Mueller CEO, Coach and Consultant with Bones Consulting LLC
  • Since working with Jamie, I have learned how to better build teams. The key successful factor of an organization is “people”. Social Covenant doesn’t just bond people together, but also applies the solution for the unity. It was Jamie who taught this to me, and I am thankful for his guidance and friendship.

    -Hsing Liu, Former CEO of Sophia’s Heart
  • Jamie has a great blend of the business and people skills required to create sustainable, lasting success.  He helped us navigate through one of the most challenging phases of our organization’s development by use of these skills and is one of the key reasons we posted record sales and profits this last year.  I’m confident anyone can create similar results in their business by forming a partnership with Jamie.

    -Adam Sherwood, VP of Maysville Auto Parts, Inc.
  • Jamie is one of those immensely multifaceted talents that you just don't run across very often; a brilliant business consultant, and an engaging and well-versed speaker. Jamie is a consummate professional; always personable and knowledgeable about his topics and engaging to his audience. I definitely plan to keep collaborating with him further.

    -April Wood, ABA Energy Partners
  • I met Jamie coming out of the lowest point in my life. The leadership that I had provided in team building, as well as worship, in the past no longer mattered. I was struggling to learn to lead myself and my family again. Jamie started meeting with me on a regular basis, challenging me and helping me to rediscover my first loves: God, family, and my calling as a worship leader/pastor. Not only did this happen, but through his challenges to me, I excelled past that which I thought I was capable, and grew deeper in my relationship with Christ as iron sharpened iron. I'm still seeing God work in a five-year plan which Jamie challenged me to write, recorded and produced a CD of my music, wrote my first book (I'm now writing my second), began mentoring others in leadership through his example, and am now leading worship again as a Worship Pastor in Florida. I highly recommend this awesome leader/mentor, who I am also now privileged to call my friend.

    -Kevin Pledger, Singer/Songwriter and Worship Pastor
  • Jamie Brandenburg has a rare combination of business acumen, intellectual intelligence, and visionary discernment. He always thinks first about how he can add value to the person sitting across from him. He has contributed to my life both professionally and personally.

    -Jason Ellerbrook, Co-Founder of Engage Media Partners
  • Jamie's vast knowledge and experience in creating and sustaining businesses was key for me starting my new author and speaking business. In addition, his self-publishing and marketing expertise was invaluable to me in the launch of my book

    -Don Mencke, Author/Blogger at RealChristianBusinessman.com
  • Entrepreneurial – Creative – and Competent!  These are the three distinctive qualities that define my friend and consulting peer – Jamie Brandenburg.  He brings energy into every relationship and project we have co-labored in over the past 6 years.  Above all – I trust Jamie.  In this day and age – this single attribute allows me to continue to work with him any-time and anywhere.

    -Patrick McBane, Owner of Marketplace Solutions